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- or somewhere else, just as long as it has Norwegian subtitles!

CoverTitleUPC/EAN/JANASINCatalog No.
Polar Express
(possibly Norwegian soundtrack)
NO: ?
SE: 7321937809652
IT: 7321972809655
Under Siege
(Kapring på åpent hav)
NO: 7321940818313
SE: 7321937818319


CoverTitleUPC/EAN/JANASINCatalog No.
Polar Express
(possibly Norwegian soundtrack)


CoverTitleUPC/EAN/JANASINCatalog No.
3-Movie HD DVD Collection025195028981B0055PFGX6-
Sunrise Earth - America's Greatest Sunrises---


CoverTitleUPC/EAN/JANASINCatalog No.
RahXephon DVD Box
- with HD DVD disc
Railway Story: China South part 14580226310221B00114T9LKNEHD-5009
Railway Story: China South part 24580226310238B00114T9LUNEHD-5010
Planet Earth - Episode 44988102464134B0011MR9B4GNHW-7004
Planet Earth - Episode 94988102464639B001376QAWGNHW-7009
Planet Earth - Episode 104988102464738B001376QB6GNHW-7010
Planet Earth - Episode 114988102464837B001376QBGGNHW-7011
2006 Fifa World Cup Germany:
Italy National Team
2006 Fifa World Cup Germany:
Germany National Team
2006 Fifa World Cup Germany:
Japan National Team
Project Papo4560229553917-GDHS-1192


CoverTitleUPC/EAN/JANASINCatalog No.
Studio Canal Demo---


CoverTitleUPC/EAN/JANASINCatalog No.
Mr. Brooks4607140403812--
The Power of Fear---

Demo & Test Discs

CoverTitleUPC/EAN/JANASINCatalog No.
Bourne HD DVD German Steelbook Case (empty)---
Charlie Wilson's War check disc
- and other check discs that may be available!
2006 DTS Alive! Demo Disc---
Toshiba 'Greece' HD DVD Demo Disc---
Mitsubishi HD Perfection Demo Disc---
Universal Studios Branding Trailer: Retail Version & Cross Studio Tutorial 11/17/06---
2006 HD DVD Demonstration Disc---
2006 Toshiba HD DVD Demonstration Disc---
2006-2007 Toshiba HD DVD Demonstration Disc---
2007 Demo Disc---
Any other demo or test discs I have forgotten!
Check my collection to find what I already have.

A thousand thanks (at least) to bruceames for creating and maintaining the Complete List of HD DVD Titles.

Many thanks also to those providing the information and images I have found around The Internet
- including the forums at TheBombShelter and HighDefDigest.

And last, but certainly not least - a huge thank you to the people around the world who has helped me come this far!


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